Honors Shakespeare


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Asynchronous learning week

As we discussed in class, your assignment for this week is to read Much Ado About Nothing. I have posted the Globe production of th play, but unfortunately, I did not get a chance to post the other videos. Watch the Globe production as you read. We'll watch clips from the others when we meet again in class. Have a great week!



Note: Unless otherwise stated, these assignments are listed on the days they are due. This includes reading assignments. Most reading assignments will be quizzed on the day they are due.

Day Date Assignment Due/Lesson Plan
Tues. 1/5/21–


1. Watch my welcome video with an explanation of this week's assignments.

2. Due Thursday: Watch the background video on Shakespeare. You will also see it embedded at the bottom of this page.

3. Due Thursday: Do some light research on Shakespeare's works, and come up with a list of top four plays you would like to read this semester. I will post a form here on Thursday for you to fill out, and I'll use these responses to put together a list of our reading.

4. PSST!... It's Thursday! The Shakepeare Reading Preferences form is ready for you! Please fill it out by Monday.

5. Check out the YouTube videos I posted in the announcements above if you get a chance.

Have fun staying home one more week, and hopefully I'll get to see you next week!

Tues. 1/12/21

In Class:

  • Discussion of class format and possible works to read through the semester
  • Begin reading Hamlet (Ham) 1.1-1.4
Thurs. 1/14/21

Read Ham 1.5

Begin watching Ham 1

Mon. 1/18/21 MLK Jr. Day: No School
Tues. 1/19/21

Finish watching Ham 1

Ham 2.1-2.2.403

Thurs. 1/21/21

Ham 2.2.404-3.1

Watch Ham 2

Mon. 1/25/21

Read Ham 3.2-3.5

Watch Ham 3

Wed. 1/27/21 Read Ham 4
Fri. 1/29/21

Read 5

Watch Ham 4-5

Tues. 2/2/21

Finish watching Ham

Begin reading Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (RAGAD)

Thurs. 2/4/19 Read RAGAD
Tues. 2/9/21 Finish reading RAGAD
Thurs. 2/11/21 Watch RAGAD
Mon. 2/15/21 PRESIDENTS DAY: No School



SNOW DAYS!!!: No School

Tues. 2/23/21

Finish watching RAGAD

Introduce and assign parts for As You Like It (AY)

AY 1.1

Thurs. 2/25/21

Hamlet memory work due

Read AY 1.2-2.6

Mon. 3/1/21

Read AY 2.7

Begin watching AY Acts 1-2

Wed. 3/3/21

Finish watching AY Acts 1-2

Read AY 3.1-3.2

Fri. 3/5/21

Read AY 3.3-4.3

Mon. 3/8/21

FLEX DAY: All class periods

Tues. 3/10/21

Watch AY Acts 3-4

Read AY 5.1

Fri. 3/12/21

Read AY 5.2-Epilogue

Finish watching AY 5.1-Epilogue

Wed. 3/17/21

Introduce and assign parts for Titus Andronicus (TA)

Read TA Act 1

Fri. 3/19/21  
Tues. 3/23/21  
Fri. 3/26/21  
Mon.-Fri. 3/29/21-
Spring Break!!: No School
Mon. 4/5/21  
Tues. 4/6/16  
Wed. &
Fri. 4/9/21





Wed. 4/15/16  
Thurs. 4/16/21  
Fri. 4/17/16




& Thurs.
- 4/23/21
Fri. 4/24/21  
Mon. 4/2720  
Tues. 4/28/21  
Wed. 4/29/21  
Thurs. 4/30/21  
Fri. 5/1/21  
Mon. 5/4/21  
Tues. 5/5/21  
Wed. 5/6/21  
Thurs. 5/7/21  
Fri. 5/8/21  
Mon. 5/11/21  
Tues. 5/12/21  
Wed. 5/13/21  
Thurs. 5/14/21  
Fri. 5/15/21  
Mon. 5/18/21  
Tues. 5/19/21  
Wed. 5/21/21  
Thurs. 5/21/21  
Fri. 5/22/21  
Mon. 5/25/21  
Tues. 5/26/21  
Wed. 5/27/21  



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