Good luck on the TNReady test!

TNReady starts Monday, so get some rest this weekend, and if you have time, work through some of the extra test practice materials we haven't covered in class. Above all, think POSITIVE thoughts about the upcoming test. You have all worked hard, and you have learned everything you need to do well. Come in confident--not that you'll get every question correct, but that you will do well if you try your hardest. Remember the testing tips I gave you in class:

Keep your head on straight, and remember what you've learned in class. I am confident in you, so try to be confident in yourself! :)

Posted 4/13/21


Have a wonderful Spring Break!

I hope you have some fun and get some rest over this next week. When you come back, we'll prepare for the TNReady, recite some poetry, read The Odyssey, and then it will be summer! We're almost there. :)


Older Announcements

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Tuesday, March 15, 3-6pm

Parent/teacher conferences are this afternoon from 3-6pm. Unfortunately, I have a scheduling conflict that will make me unavailable during that time. If you planned to meet with me, please email me, and we can arrange a time that is convenient for you to meet via phone, Zoom, or in person at the school.


Memory work due date extended!

Because of the shortened day on Thursday, the deadline for the Romeo and Juliet memory work is extended to the end of class on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

Posted 2/17/22


Welcome Back . . . again!

So you got another little break with the snow days! I hope you enjoyed them. Please see the updated assignments (with updated due dates) listed below.

Posted 1/9/22


Welcome Back!

I hope you had a wonderful break! For this first week, as we crank up the new semester, you will have some assignments through your online textbook, and you will be using class time to work, so you may want bring your own device. Of course, for grammar work, you are allowed to use the textbooks from the shelf, and you can use your paper copy of the textbook for reading; however, the questions you answer on Romeo and Juliet must be submitted through the online textbook.


Be sure to follow the assignment directions carefully. They are posted below in the assignments window.
Posted 12/30/21


Have a Wonderful Christmas Break!

You have all worked hard and deserve a peaceful, relaxing break. You have no assignments over the break, but for the overeager among you, you may want to think about a topic to write about for your research paper next semester. You will be writing about a movie of your choice, but I have some guidelines to help you choose a movie that will likely have strong sources for you to work from. Read over the following link and consider your top three movie choices to write about starting in January: Intro and sources.


Or ... don't think about it at all, and simply enjoy your break. There will be time enough in January. :)


See you in 2022!
Posted 12/17/21

Extra Credit: Disney's Hercules !

Next week there will be a couple of extra credit showings of Disney's Hercules. Come to my room at the designated time, watch the movie, fill out a worksheet, compare the movie to the myth, get extra credit. It's that easy!

Monday, Dec. 13, 6:00am-7:30am
Wednesday, Dec. 15, 3:05pm-4:35pm

Posted 12/8/21


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you have a wonderful break. :)
Posted 11/23/21


Studying for the Mythology Unit Test . . .

I've been talking about this lately in class, but it's really important, so I want to make it available here as well. To study for the mythology unit test, you need to concentrate on two lists that I gave you: (1) the mythology terms list you received back before Fall Break, and (2) the list of recurring topics from the notes that you took just after fall break and that we've been discussing in all of the mythology presentations.

75 questions on the test will be fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and matching. Most of these will deal with identification of the terms on the mythology terms sheet that I gave you. Remember, this is the sheet that I said to study for your quizzes, to review as you read through the book. Some of you have set up flash cards to help you study these, and that kind of strategy should be helpful for this portion of the test.

There will also be three discussion questions in which you will not only have to display your knowledge of the myths but also discuss the myths in the context of the recurring topics I gave you in your notes. Study the notes you've been taking in class during the presentations. You should be able to identify recurring topics that each of the myths involve. Also, if I ask you about a specific topic, you should be able to think of one or two myths that apply to that topic. I typed up the topics here so you can make sure you have them all.

Finally, I've also uploaded a review crossword puzzle that reviews the terms from the first 12 chapters of the book. Keep in mind, this is not a comprehensive review exercise; it only reviews the first 12 chapters. Also, it is not a required assignment. It is only here as a study aid.

The test on Nov. 17-18 is a LARGE grade for the quarter, so be sure to study well!

Posted 11/12/21


Beef up those mythology presentations!

We are well into the mythology presentations. We've seen some cool projects so far, and I'm looking forward to some more, so I wanted to give you a few more pointers on areas for improvement that I've noticed. For those who still have to present, I'll be expecting you to have polished your presentation skills, so keep these points in mind:

The Intro: Be sure you have a hook for your presentation. You would never begin an essay with, "Ok, I'm doing my essay on . . ." but we've had some introductions begin that way. Have a hook to draw the audience in (and possibly lead up to your creative title). Then introduce yourself: "My name is Billy Bob and this is the myth of Phaethon."Also, be sure to include the main idea, e.g. "As we will see, this myth gives us a glimpse of what the Greeks thought about fate and hospitality while it presents a theme about grief and loss." Finally, the brief summary should be just that . . . very brief. Think about if you and a friend saw a movie last year. If you wanted to discuss this movie, you wouldn't spend a great deal of time summarizing it. You would give a sentence or two to refresh his or her memory. That's what you are doing here.

Theme: I've noticed quite a few students explaining the literary topics they chose for a myth, but then they won't discuss their theme at all. The rubric asks for a thorough explanation of the theme, not the topics, so be sure to follow the rubric.

Transition words: Be sure to guide your audience through each part of your presentation. Use clear transition words just as you would in an essay. Avoid simply skipping to the next part without leading into it.

The Conclusion: The main thing to do here is to make sure you have one. There are two specific elements I'm looking for, but they should be self-explanatory. The main problem I've seen is that students simply haven't prepared one at all, and they close by saying, "That's it." The conclusion is worth 8 points, and I can't give you any credit for it if you don't have one.

The Creative Project: Make sure we can see your project. If it is a small picture or even a poster, take close up pictures and put them on a PowerPoint. Your audience will not connect with your project if they can't see it. Look at your rubric so that you know where your points are coming from.

Keep these things in mind as you prepare. Good luck!
Posted 11/4/21



Mythology Projects

Below are the lists of the mythology presentation assignments. Check the appropriate list to make sure your name is listed next to the myth you signed up for.


Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/teacher conferences will be Thursday, October 21 from 3:00-6:00. Please email me to set up a time to meet. We can meet virtually via Zoom or in person. As time slots fill up, I will post remaining available times.


Drop your lowest quiz grade by Friday!

You can drop your lowest grade on a reading quiz (over ANY of the short stories) or homework assignment (worth 10 points or less)! Write down the assignment date and title from Skyward and come by my room by the end of the day Friday, October 1. You will write down the grade you want to drop on a form I have prepared.
Posted 09/30/21


Grammar test retakes are due Friday!

If you scored below a "B" on either of the grammar tests this quarter, complete at least thee review exercises from the links in the right-hand sidebar, bring them to me, and schedule a time to retake your test. Any retake must be completed by Friday, October 1. Be sure and prepare well for the retake because the retake grade will replace the original grade.
Posted 09/24/21


Class recordings are now posting in Teams

To help all of you who are quarantined at home for a while, I am now recording classes in Teams so that you can keep up with what we're doing. I will probably not record every single class, but remember that you don't necessarily need to watch the video for your class period. Just make sure you are watching a video for the date you need.


You all have been added to a Team for your class period. In that Team you will see a tab called "Class Recordings." You will be able to find all of the recordings you need there. If you have any quesitons, or if you have not been added to one of my Teams, email me to let me know.


I hope we can all be back at school again soon. Stay safe and well, everybody! :)
Posted 08/30/21


Back-to-School Stuff


To help you get ready for school, I've listed the basic supplies you'll need below:


Notes on supplies:


Wish List

The following are items that are not required, but would greatly help us get through the year:


I look forward to seeing you all soon! In the meantime, please email me at if you have any questions.


Summer Reading

Summer reading assignments will be tested the second or third week of school in my class. The assignments are posted on the Central Magnet webpage, but I've posted your English assignments here, as well: 

Posted 7/19/21