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Study materials for The Odyssey

I have posted some materials to help you as we read through The Odyssey this month. First, I have posted a digital copy of the full text (the password is the same you've been using all year). I am also posting audio files of The Odyssey as we progress through the epic, so you can use these to help you read. I encourage you NOT to simply listen to the audio but to listen AS YOU READ. Especially with some of the unfamiliar names, simply listening to the audio will not help you learn or remember those characters. Again, I encourage you to take notes as you read. Keep track of the plot, and pay special attention to the terms and characters I have given you to study.


I also have posted study guides below. I use these study guides and the terms list to make out the quizzes for each reading assignment, so it will definitely help you to use those study guides. Of course, if you run into any problems or have any questions as you read, feel free to email me.

Posted 5/3/21

Coming Soon: The Odyssey

Toward the end of April, we will begin reading Homer's Odyssey. I will have copies for many of you to check out, but if you are interested in purchasing your own, be sure to get the translation by Robert Fagles.

Posted 4/9/21


Research Paper: Revised Due Date . . . Again

As we disussed in class, I've extended the due date for the research paper to midnight on Thursday evening, April 8. The purpose of this extension is to give you time to proofread, to have others give you feedback, or to set up a writing lab appointment. The purpose is not to help you procrastinate, so use this time wisely. Tuesday, I will open the assignment on TurnItIn for you to submit if you are ready.


Also, another change: instead of only turning in your outline at TurnItIn.com, you will also need to print it out to turn in to me with your note cards and source cards by Friday of this week.


Distance learners can email their outlines to me, and I will print them out, but distance learners will need to get their note cards and source cards to me by Friday if possible. They can be left in the main office for me. Just be sure your name and my name are on them. Let me know if you run into any snags.

Posted 4/5/21


Happy Flex Monday

Watch the video explaining your work for my class today. Today you will need your To Kill a Mockingbird books to complete the thematic passage worksheet I gave you in class last week. You also need to complete the allegory worksheet. Otherwise, you can continue taking notes on your sources for the research paper. Enjoy a day of learning at home! :)

Posted 3/8/21


County benchmark assessment

The next couple of days, we will be taking the county benchmark test through Mastery Connect. On Wednesday, students will receive directions through Teams on how to log on to the test. On Thursday, I will be in class to give instructions. On the first day of testing, you will complete the first four passages and items #1-26. Write your answers on a piece of paper in case your answers somehow get erased, but after you complete #26, DO NOT click submit. You will simply log out of MasteryConnect, and we will complete the test on the next class day. If you click Submit, you will not be able to finish the test. The website will automatically be saving your answers, so DO NOT click submit. Do the best you can on the test. We have not covered all of the standards that will be on the test, but that will not be held against you. Good luck. :)

Posted 2/23/21


Happy snow week!

I hope you have enjoyed your week off! I know I have. For those of you wondering about due dates, I am working on readjusting the schedule. For now, we still have to have B block day, so that means that 4th period will still have the same work due that would have been due this last Tuesday, Feb. 16 (See assignments below.) Continue with reading TKAM. The due date and final quiz over the reading will be next Thursday and Friday, Feb. 25-26. We have a county assessment that I believe we'll have to squeeze in on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, it looks like we'll have to take a little while to catch up, but that will be fine. I hope to see you rested and ready on Monday!

Posted 2/19/21


Happy Flex Day Friday

Watch my video explaining your work for my class today. You will need the links to YouScience (https://login.youscience.com) and the YouScience Reflection form. Also, the only other new thing I've assigned today is to study for the vocabulary quiz over the TKAM Chapters 1-11 words. I told you about it earlier this week when we took notes, but I forgot to mention it the other day. Otherwise, you are simply working on the assignments I've already given you. Enjoy a day of learning at home! :)

Posted 2/5/21


Get your copy of To Kill a Mockingbird!

This week, we will begin reading To Kill a Mockingbird, so you will need to check out or buy a copy to use. While I almost always recommend buying your own copy so that you can annotate it and make it your own, I will be referring to page numbers in class and on worksheets, so if you buy your own, be sure to get the same edition that we use in class. Of course, sometimes Amazon will send you an edition you didn't order, so the safest thing to do is check out a copy from me. I have plenty of copies to hand out to everyone, so I will do that in class. Distance learners will need to email me to let me know they want me to leave a copy for them in the front office. Contact me as soon as possible so you can begin reading with everyone else. This is one of my favorite books of all time, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Posted 1/19/21


Zoom link problems?

If you have trouble logging in to the Zoom class, be sure to use the new links available through Clever. The first time you use the new link, you will be required to login. Use the Rutherfod County instructions for login into Zoom meetings if you have any trouble.
Posted 12/15/20

YouScience tests are now working

YouScience started working this morning, so here are the directions for taking the YouScience high school assessment. This assessment does not count as a grade, but the results will be used to help choose your future classes, so take it seriously.

  1. Use a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook. Do NOT use a tablet or phone.
  2. Log in to https://login.youscience.com using your school email for the username, and the password should be the same as your computer password at school. (If you did not create an account in middle school, email me, and I will send you directions on how to set up an account.)
  3. Complete the assessment by clicking on the "Take YouScience Profile." There are different modules to complete, but you do not have to complete them all at once; however, once you begin a module, you need to complete it. You won't be able to pause it.
  4. Records show that 6 freshmen have already completed the assessment. If you are one of those twelve, do not retake it.
  5. After you have completed the assessment, print out and complete the YouScience Reflection form. You will bring this form with you to your guidance counselor when you register for next year's classes.

Posted 1/7/21


Welcome to 2021!

I hope you had a wonderful break, and I look forward to seeing you all next week. Of course, we don't know what next week will look like, but I will be posting your instructions and assignments here, so check this website every day. I will have everything posted by 9am.


Also, watch my welcome video with an explanation of this week's assignments.

Posted 1/4/21

Finish up your memory work! (Revised Zoom times)

Remember that your Romeo and Juliet memory work is due this Thurs./Fri., whichever is your last day of my class. It is due by the time class is over, so do not get stuck without reciting all of your passages. Also, if you have not turned in your sheet to me, you will need to take a picture of what you have already done and email it to me, so I can combine it with the passages you finish on Zoom. Please remember that on the last day of class, there may be a long line of people trying to finish their memory work, so I cannot guarantee that you will get to recite more than one passage on that day. That is why you must get as many completed as possible before the last day.


I will be available during 8th period (on Zoom or in person) on Wed. Dec. 16 (after advisory time, 1:50-2:50). You can simply drop in to the meeting any time, and I'll let you in when I'm ready for you to recite. I will also be available on Zoom during 2nd period on Wed. Dec. 16 and 5th period on Friday by appointment only. For a 2nd or 5th period appointment, you must email me at least one hour ahead of time to let me know what time you will come in to recite.


This is intended to be an easy high grade, but you have to complete it, so don't procrastinate! :)
Posted 12/8/20; Updated 12/15/20

Zoom class links have changed

If you have trouble logging in to the Zoom class, be sure to use the new links available through Clever. The first time you use the new link, you will be required to login. Use the Rutherfod County instructions for login into Zoom meetings if you have any trouble.
Posted 11/30/20

No Zoom meeting for distance learners in 7th Period today

I will be out during 7th period today, so there is no Zoom meeting for distance learners. Follow the instructions below for your classwork. Be sure to take the quiz starting at 1:40 because it has a cut off time, and you want to have time to finish it. Have a good day, and I will see you on Monday. :)
Posted 12/2/20

The Virtual Book Fair is Here!

Watch the video for the library's Virtual Book Fair! Do some shopping and help support our wonderful library. :)
Posted 11/30/20

Library Checkout for Distance Learners

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we'll be going to the library to hear about new procedures for checking out books. Distance learners can watch the video on checkout procedures for distance learners. Watch it, check out some books, and READ! :)
Posted 10/20/20

The Virtual Book Fair is Here!

Watch the video for the library's Virtual Book Fair! Do some shopping and help support our wonderful library. :)
Posted 11/30/20

Distance Learning Day

Tuesday, October 13 is a distance learning day for everyone. Teacher videos are posted on Flipgrid (at https://flipgrid.com/cmsdlday) for you to watch throughout the morning. Also, I have posted my distance learning procedures in a Word document that will keep posted here on my website and on my Kiddom page, as well.
Posted 10/11/20


Grammar Retake (Revised Announcement)

Now that I'm remote teaching this week, all retakes will be online. You will have to join a Zoom meeting, so pick a time that you can join the meeting and take the test online.


I am available during 2nd, 5th, and 8th periods. On the day you are going to retake, let me know that you are coming. You will use the Zoom links on my Clever page. Every period, I will open up the meeting, and you can simply drop in to take the test. Be sure to click on the correct period link, and if you have any trouble getting in, just email me.


If you scored below a 31 out of 36 on the first grammar test, you are eligible to retake the test. I have opened up the chapter 1 links for you to study, and I will be available to answer questions or give you extra instruction if you want to schedule a time with me. The test must be taken sometime before fall break.


As always, let me know if you have any questions.
Posted 09/20/20, Revised 09/29/20


Change in the schedule next week

Instead of taking the entire short story unit test on Tues./Wed. of next week, we'll break up the test. On Tues. and Wed., we will take the objective part of the test. This will be about 15 multiple choice and matching questions and 2-5 short answer questions. Part 1 will cover the literary terms, so study the definitions and notes and reading I assigned on those terms. On Thurs. and Fri. of next week, we will take Part 2, which will be the analysis portion of the test. This will be all short answer questions asking you to apply the literary terms to a short story you will read in class. This will give us more time to practice analysis on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Posted 09/25/20


Check your assignments

I have almost completed all of your grading, although I am still working on your introductory letters. You may want to check you Miss Jane Pittman seminar prep assignment that is posted in TurnItIn. If you scored a low grade on that assignment, there will be comments in TurnItIn to explain your grade. I recently returned the first grammar test in Teams (except 7th period because we already looked at them together). Go to Teams and look at your grammar test to see what you missed. Also check to see that I graded all of your responses. There have been some gaps in which some of the text box items were never graded. If there are any problems, let me know.


As I complete your letters, your grades and feedback will be posted in TurnItIn.
Posted 09/23/20


4th Period: Revised Notes for Tuesday, September 22

I don't know what happened with the quiz this morning, but it didn't post when it was supposed to. I managed to get it assigned a little before noon, and I changed the due time to 3pm. Let me know if you have any other problems.
Posted 09/22/20


4th Period: Notes for Tuesday, September 22

Since you will be distance learning today, I have provided a link to the key for your grammar exercises: answers for Ex. 19, Rev. C, Rev. D, and Ex. 20.


The quiz on "The Cask of Amontillado" will be assigned through the online textbook. You will need to take it between 8am and noon on Tuesday, and once you start the quiz, you will have 15 minutes to complete it. Send me an email if you miss the quiz window.


Be sure to look carefully at your assignment due Thursday below. Your grammar test is on Thursday, and I've given you some specific directions to follow in completing the review. We will review all of the grammar on Thursday before the test. Also, notice that you have a reading assignment, but the quiz will not be until Tuesday of next week. Be looking ahead to the short story analysis test, which will be next week. You should be reading through your notes as you analyze the stories we are reading in class. We will talk more about the test format on Thursday.
Posted 09/21/20


Notes for Tuesday, September 15

For everyone:

You may have heard me mention a YouScience assignment that you would be required to complete sometime during the day on Tuesday. That has been postponed until Tuesday, September 22. You'll hear more about this later this week. For today you are only responsible for doing your regular classwork.

For 1st, 3rd, and 7th periods:

There will be a quiz posted on Kiddom on Tuesday morning. You will have until 3pm to complete it, but it has a 15 minute time limit, so do not start it until you are ready. See more information below in the assignments window.

For a quick grammar lesson and to check your grammar assignment, watch the following video: Chapter 2 grammar lesson.
Posted 09/14/20


Bring headphones or earbuds on Thursday/Friday!

Remember our summer reading discussion is this week, and we will use breakout rooms in Zoom, so bring your earbuds or headphones to use in class. :)
Posted 08/25/20


Still figuring things out...

As we continue to iron out some glitches and get students set up with the technologies we're using, notice some new things I've posted in the sidebar to the right. Under "Technology Help and Forms," I've posted the Limited Privacy Release Form (for at-school learners), the Agreement for Home Use (to check out a laptop), and Directions for logging in to the online textbook. I've also update the Technology Orientation (PPT) presentation to include information to help you find the interactive student edition when you log in or to help you with login problems. Please let me know if there's anything else you would like to see me post here to help you as you get everything set up to learn this year. Hang in there! :)
Posted 08/18/20


Friday, August 14 Meetings

For all of my classes on August 14, go to my page on Clever to get your links to the Zoom meetings. Kiddom will probably give us problems again. After Friday, Kiddom should be up to speed.


Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I'm looking forward to meeting you this week! Below is some information to help answer some questions you might have about the upcoming year.


Back-to-School Stuff

Summer Reading

We will test on summer reading some time during the second and third weeks of school.

If you don't know what the summer reading is, then look here, and good luck. :)



To help you get ready for school, I've listed the basic supplies you'll need below:


Notes on supplies:


Wish List

The following are items that are not required, but would greatly help us get through the year:


I look forward to seeing you all (in-person or virtually) soon! In the meantime, please email me at barhamc@rcschools.net if you have any questions.