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Distance Learning Day

Tuesday, October 13 is a distance learning day for everyone. Teacher videos are posted on Flipgrid (at https://flipgrid.com/cmsdlday) for you to watch throughout the morning. Also, I have posted my distance learning procedures in a Word document that will keep posted here on my website and on my Kiddom page, as well.
Posted 10/11/20


Grammar Retake (Revised Announcement)

Now that I'm remote teaching this week, all retakes will be online. You will have to join a Zoom meeting, so pick a time that you can join the meeting and take the test online.


I am available during 2nd, 5th, and 8th periods. On the day you are going to retake, let me know that you are coming. You will use the Zoom links on my Clever page. Every period, I will open up the meeting, and you can simply drop in to take the test. Be sure to click on the correct period link, and if you have any trouble getting in, just email me.


If you scored below a 31 out of 36 on the first grammar test, you are eligible to retake the test. I have opened up the chapter 1 links for you to study, and I will be available to answer questions or give you extra instruction if you want to schedule a time with me. The test must be taken sometime before fall break.


As always, let me know if you have any questions.
Posted 09/20/20, Revised 09/29/20


Change in the schedule next week

Instead of taking the entire short story unit test on Tues./Wed. of next week, we'll break up the test. On Tues. and Wed., we will take the objective part of the test. This will be about 15 multiple choice and matching questions and 2-5 short answer questions. Part 1 will cover the literary terms, so study the definitions and notes and reading I assigned on those terms. On Thurs. and Fri. of next week, we will take Part 2, which will be the analysis portion of the test. This will be all short answer questions asking you to apply the literary terms to a short story you will read in class. This will give us more time to practice analysis on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Posted 09/25/20


Check your assignments

I have almost completed all of your grading, although I am still working on your introductory letters. You may want to check you Miss Jane Pittman seminar prep assignment that is posted in TurnItIn. If you scored a low grade on that assignment, there will be comments in TurnItIn to explain your grade. I recently returned the first grammar test in Teams (except 7th period because we already looked at them together). Go to Teams and look at your grammar test to see what you missed. Also check to see that I graded all of your responses. There have been some gaps in which some of the text box items were never graded. If there are any problems, let me know.


As I complete your letters, your grades and feedback will be posted in TurnItIn.
Posted 09/23/20


4th Period: Revised Notes for Tuesday, September 22

I don't know what happened with the quiz this morning, but it didn't post when it was supposed to. I managed to get it assigned a little before noon, and I changed the due time to 3pm. Let me know if you have any other problems.
Posted 09/22/20


4th Period: Notes for Tuesday, September 22

Since you will be distance learning today, I have provided a link to the key for your grammar exercises: answers for Ex. 19, Rev. C, Rev. D, and Ex. 20.


The quiz on "The Cask of Amontillado" will be assigned through the online textbook. You will need to take it between 8am and noon on Tuesday, and once you start the quiz, you will have 15 minutes to complete it. Send me an email if you miss the quiz window.


Be sure to look carefully at your assignment due Thursday below. Your grammar test is on Thursday, and I've given you some specific directions to follow in completing the review. We will review all of the grammar on Thursday before the test. Also, notice that you have a reading assignment, but the quiz will not be until Tuesday of next week. Be looking ahead to the short story analysis test, which will be next week. You should be reading through your notes as you analyze the stories we are reading in class. We will talk more about the test format on Thursday.
Posted 09/21/20


Notes for Tuesday, September 15

For everyone:

You may have heard me mention a YouScience assignment that you would be required to complete sometime during the day on Tuesday. That has been postponed until Tuesday, September 22. You'll hear more about this later this week. For today you are only responsible for doing your regular classwork.

For 1st, 3rd, and 7th periods:

There will be a quiz posted on Kiddom on Tuesday morning. You will have until 3pm to complete it, but it has a 15 minute time limit, so do not start it until you are ready. See more information below in the assignments window.

For a quick grammar lesson and to check your grammar assignment, watch the following video: Chapter 2 grammar lesson.
Posted 09/14/20


Bring headphones or earbuds on Thursday/Friday!

Remember our summer reading discussion is this week, and we will use breakout rooms in Zoom, so bring your earbuds or headphones to use in class. :)
Posted 08/25/20


Still figuring things out...

As we continue to iron out some glitches and get students set up with the technologies we're using, notice some new things I've posted in the sidebar to the right. Under "Technology Help and Forms," I've posted the Limited Privacy Release Form (for at-school learners), the Agreement for Home Use (to check out a laptop), and Directions for logging in to the online textbook. I've also update the Technology Orientation (PPT) presentation to include information to help you find the interactive student edition when you log in or to help you with login problems. Please let me know if there's anything else you would like to see me post here to help you as you get everything set up to learn this year. Hang in there! :)
Posted 08/18/20


Friday, August 14 Meetings

For all of my classes on August 14, go to my page on Clever to get your links to the Zoom meetings. Kiddom will probably give us problems again. After Friday, Kiddom should be up to speed.


Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I'm looking forward to meeting you this week! Below is some information to help answer some questions you might have about the upcoming year.


Back-to-School Stuff

Summer Reading

We will test on summer reading some time during the second and third weeks of school.

If you don't know what the summer reading is, then look here, and good luck. :)



To help you get ready for school, I've listed the basic supplies you'll need below:


Notes on supplies:


Wish List

The following are items that are not required, but would greatly help us get through the year:


I look forward to seeing you all (in-person or virtually) soon! In the meantime, please email me at barhamc@rcschools.net if you have any questions.