Happy New Year!
Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful break and are ready for an amazing 2024! :)
Posted 1/2/24


TurnItIn.com Assignments this week

On Monday and Tuesday, we are setting up TurnItIn.com accounts. After that, you will be submitting your Introductory Letter and your LotF Summer Reading Questions to TurnItIn before class on Wed./Thurs. Try to submit your letter at least a day ahead of time so that, if you run into any snags, you will have time to ask me for help and figure out how it works. If you wait until the last minute and run into a problem, then your assignment may still be counted late. Remember, ask for help if you need it. :)
Posted 8/14/23


Back-to-School Stuff


To help you get ready for school, I've listed the basic supplies you'll need below:


Notes on supplies:


Wish List

The following are items that are not required, but would greatly help us get through the year:


I look forward to seeing you all soon! In the meantime, please email me at barhamc@rcschools.net if you have any questions.


Summer Reading

Summer reading assignments will be tested in class the second or third week of school. The assignments are posted on the Central Magnet webpage, but I've posted your English assignments here, as well: 

Posted 7/28/23